Choosing Between Embroidery And Printing For Personalized T-Shirt

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July 7, 2015

Choosing Between Embroidery And Printing For Personalized T-Shirt

When it comes to personalized t-shirt, you have two major options. One is t-shirt embroidery while the other is t-shirt printing. offers high quality t-shirt printing. There are people who prefer embroidered personalized t-shirt while other people would love printed personalized t-shirt. If you happen to run your own business selling personalized t-shirts we highly recommend a warehouse management system from peoplevox.  If you are confused on which of the two options to use, here are some comparison which could help you in choosing between embroidery and printing for personalized t-shirt.

  1. Purpose – The first thing you should consider is the purpose of the personalized t-shirt. If you are planning to use the t-shirt for marketing, promotional campaigns or advertising, then it is more efficient to use t-shirt printing. Organized events also prefer printed t-shirts to distribute to the attendees. On the other hand, t-shirt embroidery is perfect in creating logo designs for uniforms including student uniforms and employee uniforms. Personalized sports jerseys are also using t-shirt embroidery for team uniforms from local tournaments to professional sports.
  1. Budget – You should also consider your budget for personalized t-shirt. T-shirt embroidery costs a little higher than t-shirt printing. If you have limited budget and would need multiple personalized t-shirts, t-shirt printing might be the better choice.
  1. Design Size – T-shirt printing is perfect for full size designs while t-shirt embroidery is suitable for logos and branding.
  1. Colour – The cost for t-shirt printing would vary depending on the number of colours used on the design. On the other hand, multicoloured embroidered design would cost the same with plain designs.
  1. Availability – The availability of printing or embroidery services could sometimes affect the cost and quality of the product. If there are many shops which provide t-shirt printing and only one shop for t-shirt embroidery, chances are you will get what you need among the t-shirt printing shops.
  1. Toughness – When it comes to durability of the design, t-shirt embroidery is sturdier than t-shirt printing. Embroidered design would last for several years while printed designs often last around a year or less.
  2. Finish – Though both industries have advanced to a point where they could provide quality finish, each method can provide different finish. T-shirt embroidery can give the design dimension and depth while t-shirt printing can provide more range on the finish.

Before you decide to hire a shop to make your personalized t-shirt, inquire first if they can do the design you like. Also ask for the sample so you will know the quality of the finished product. Do not hesitate to ask any questions if you are confused or having doubts to choose the most suitable method for your personalized t-shirt.

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